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Lens Cap Keeper To Protect Equipment

Lens Cap Keeper To Protect Equipment

Here are some tips for protecting your photo equipment

A lens cap keeper can save you a lot of hassle and ensure the protection of your camera lens. Learn what its design is and how it works. You will certainly be amazed how functional this creative solution is.

You need the cap to keep the lens protected from scratching and from different kinds of harmful environmental effects. However, the cap can easily get lost when you are using the camera. This can happen easily, especially if you are totally focused on catching the moment for the perfect picture and absorbed in taking pictures for hours.

lens cap leash

Lens Cap Keeper

The lens cap keeper allows you to keep the camera and the lens cap together. How does it achieve this? The keeper consists of a disc the back side of which is covered with adhesive. The front side is connected to an elastic loop via a thin elastic strap. You simply attach the adhesive-backed disc to the lens cap while the loop goes over the lens barrel.

That way, when you remove the cap, it will virtually hang under the lens barrel. The string is relatively short so the cap will not interfere with your activity when you are taking pictures. The loop that goes around the barrel will not affect your ability to focus the lens. It will stay at the back side of the barrel right next to the main body of the camera. Once you are done with this task, you can readily put the cap back.

The lens cap keeper can be the most useful camera accessory you have ever got. However, you have to choose the right item in order to get the best results. It is important for the back side of the disc to be covered with powerful adhesive that will not dry out quickly. If you have a heavier lens cap, you may want to try out the product to see whether it will work.

The loop of the lens cap keeper should fit the lens barrel perfectly. It is best to get a product with a smaller elastic loop to ensure that it will not be too loose when going over the barrel. It is essential for the loop to be tight. Otherwise, it may move around the barrel and interfere with picture taking. It may fall off the barrel. In this case, you might lose the cap together with the keeper. Generally, most models have loops designed to fit all standard camera lens barrels. However, you should consider testing the item just to be on the safe side.


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